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Medical care abroad, how are you covered ?

Medical care abroad, how are you covered ?

Patient Selection and Preoperative Assessment

The goal of surgical indications and preoperative assessments for each patient is to select candidates for cosmetic surgery to avoid any risks or potential complications. When complications do occur, they are rare and mostly cause no long-term inconvenience.

In Case of Verified Complications

Physical complications can be categorized into four types: anesthesia-related complications, postoperative bleeding, infections, and scarring. The vast majority of these complications occur during or immediately after the surgery. Therefore, they can be immediately managed on-site by the medical team. It is crucial to follow the convalescence period recommended by the surgeon in the country, as it allows for better patient monitoring.

In Case of Unsatisfactory Results

It should be known that most results require a long waiting period before becoming definitive. Therefore, the patient-practitioner relationship is fundamental for the trust that the patient must have in their surgeon. Often, the surgeon will advise the patient to wait until the definitive result. If dissatisfaction arises, a photo-based evaluation will be conducted. If there is an evident lack of results, a retouch will be arranged by the surgeon. In case of dispute, an independent surgeon's opinion will be sought.

Ethics and Medical Code of Conduct

It's good to remember that all our partner surgeons are obligated to strictly adhere to the rules of ethics and the medical code of conduct. In case of any issues, the surgeon is responsible for providing follow-up care and all necessary and appropriate treatments to the patient.

Conditions of Application

  • False statements in the preoperative assessment form, especially about medical history.
  • Non-compliance with conditions mentioned in the quote: preoperative medical recommendations, mandatory convalescence period, etc.
  • Ignoring postoperative medical advice provided by the surgeon: physical activities, lifestyle, sun exposure, etc.
  • No retouch requests will be accepted without photographs sent during postoperative follow-up.
  • Breast implant capsules: capsules are not considered complications but rather as adverse or unpredictable effects.


A retouch is possible within 9 months from the date of the surgery.