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Esthetic Planet,
European Medical tourism Pioneer

Esthetic Planet, European Medical tourism Pioneer

Esthetic Planet was founded in 2009 by MEDCOM SAS, the first company specialized in cross-border care - known as medical tourism - in France since 2004.

Initially, Esthetic Planet focused on cosmetic surgery and beauty treatments abroad, and later expanded its range to include many new specialties such as dental care, bariatric surgery, ophthalmology, assisted reproductive technology (ART), and many others. Today, thanks to its extensive network of specialized partners around the world, we can even provide solutions for serious medical conditions, such as treatments for tremors related to Parkinson's disease or solutions for diabetic foot treatment.
Here are some reasons to trust us:


The clinics and doctors we recommend are audited and visited. There are enough unknowns in medical care, so if you have to travel for medical care, avoid surprises.

Trust Certified Professionals

Trust Certified Professionals

We only work with surgeons who adhere to patient safety principles, and clinics whose specifications are meticulously adhered to and identical to European standards. We have visited all the gold partners, attended some of their surgeries, and viewed their results, for some over several years.

Some of them are renowned clinic directors and medical team leaders. They are all accredited and insured to receive you. Many are members of national and international societies. No surgical or medical procedure is trivial. The required attention in clinics and the presence of a complete medical team (surgeon, anesthetist, assistants) during each procedure ensure the smooth operation and excellence of the results. We work in the interest and service of the patient. Our independence allows us to act and help you select the right medical care provider tailored to the patient's needs.


We are proud of the level of quality of service and assistance we offer to our patients.

Trust Our Support

Trust Our Support

We are by your side throughout the preparation of your procedure, during your journey, and upon your return. We assist you in organizing your stay, taking into account your requirements, whether related to the medical aspect, booking your plane tickets, hotel reservations, or tourist excursions if your condition allows. Our goal is for you to be as well-prepared as possible so that your procedure and stay proceed under the best conditions. We are reachable and available at all times. Our relationships with the clinic and the surgeon ensure you receive privileged and prompt treatment. After the treatment, immediate post-operative follow-up requires adherence to a mandatory convalescence period in the country. Considering your convalescence abroad is an asset and comes with notable advantages.

Freed from daily and household tasks, your sole concern is your recovery in a comfortable setting. Among our partner hotels, some offer massage services, relaxation, and wellness programs. These services are designed to ensure your perfect recovery. We accompany you upon your return from your procedure. Complete recovery depends on various factors, including the type of operation, the operated area, and each patient's recovery ability. We maintain constant contact with you; the success of your project is our objective.


Aesthetic Planet is the result of years of specialized work in medical tourism since 2004.

Trust Experience

Trust Experience

We have been working in the specific field of healthcare abroad since 2004. We receive international patients of all ages, both men and women, looking for a life-changing journey. We are active on 4 major continents and offer prestigious destinations: Western Europe (Paris, Brussels), Eastern Europe (Budapest, Prague), Maghreb (Tunis), Asia (Istanbul, New Delhi), and the United States (Miami, New York). We have gained unparalleled expertise and a selection of the best practitioners and clinics worldwide. We have traveled the world to find the best clinics and specialized surgeons. We have observed their work and the results of each one. Our clinics are among the top private clinics capable of providing impeccable service and quality to international standards. Everything has been thought out this way.


Our prices are not those of cheap surgery but among the best internationally.

Trust Our Prices

Some explanations are necessary regarding price differences. Here are some clarifications:

  • ✔ A favorable cost of living difference compared to Western countries. For example, the net monthly salary of a nurse in Tunisia is about 400 euros, while that of a European nurse is 1600 euros, four times more for the same diploma.
  • ✔ Some governments grant significant tax exemptions and customs duties on imported medical equipment, investment subsidies to private clinics, and a VAT exemption for care provided to non-residents. Thanks to this state intervention, clinic costs are much lower.
  • ✔ The annual tax rate is much lower than the average rate in Western countries.
  • ✔ The cost of insurance premiums paid by surgeons is lower.
  • ✔ Infrastructure expenses are relatively lower.
  • ✔ The exchange rate is often favorable to local currencies compared to the Euro, which remains a strong currency.
  • Etc...

The negotiated prices with our clinics and surgeons guarantee you the best value for money, with savings of up to 70% depending on the treatment. There are no hidden fees or unpleasant surprises.

The prices in our quotes include all medical service and accommodation expenses: clinic stays, surgeon's and their team's fees, pre and post-operative consultations, operating room reservation, anesthesia, medications, nursing care, postoperative supplies, prostheses (if applicable), insurance, and administrative fees, as well as, if you wish, flight, hotel, and transfer arrangements.

The Importance of a Deposit: Mutual Commitment and Peaceful Planning

At Esthetic Planet, we make confirming overseas medical treatments easy through a deposit payment on our dedicated online platform. This secure and transparent approach simplifies the process for patients and practitioners, strengthening mutual trust and ensuring efficient planning for quality medical care abroad. Overall, a deposit is a valuable tool for establishing trust between the patient and practitioner, facilitating smooth planning for overseas surgery, and ensuring a positive experience for all parties involved.

For patients considering surgery abroad, as well as for medical practitioners, the use of a deposit holds great significance. This deposit symbolizes mutual commitment between the patient and the practitioner. For the patient, it provides peace of mind by confirming the desired surgery date, thus reserving their operating slot. This allows for travel planning accordingly, ensuring the practitioner's availability and providing continuous pre-surgery support.

Moreover, the deposit can also help the patient manage their finances better by spreading the costs of surgery over a longer period, which can be particularly advantageous for expensive medical procedures abroad.

For the practitioner, the deposit confirms the patient's commitment to the procedure, enabling better planning of resources, equipment, and personnel needed for the surgery. It also helps minimize the risks of last-minute cancellations, ensuring optimal utilization of operating room time.

Overall, a deposit is a valuable tool for establishing trust between the patient and the practitioner, facilitating smooth planning for overseas surgery, and ensuring a positive experience for all parties involved.