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Healthcare coverage abroad
Dental care and other specialities refund

Healthcare coverage abroad

Since 1998, two rulings from the European Court of Justice have set a precedent that allows patients who are citizens of EU member states to consult a specialist or visit a healthcare facility in another country and demand reimbursement from their social security fund.

Cosmetic Surgery Reimbursement

Cosmetic surgery as such is not reimbursed by social security, whether performed in France or abroad. The patient must bear all the costs alone. Only reconstructive surgery related to medical conditions can be reimbursed, such as surgery for protruding ears, certain mammary hypertrophies requiring breast reduction, rhinoplasty (correction of nasal septum deviation), and abdominal plasty.

Dental Care Reimbursement

For French nationals, dental care performed in another EU member state is reimbursed by the CPAM (Health Insurance Fund) and supplementary mutual insurance companies in the same way as dental care received in France.

1. Your Rights to Reimbursement by Social Security

  • Thanks to the free provision of services within the European Union and according to Article R332-3 of the Social Security Code, all enumerated dental care provided in an EU country is covered by French Social Security, just as if it had been performed in France, without prior authorization.
  • Our dental clinics in Hungary allow for the same reimbursement as in France, while benefiting from rates that are 40% to 60% cheaper. Upon your return from treatment, our advisors assist you in your dental reimbursement procedures.
  • Special case: reimbursement for dental implants. Dental care classified as "out-of-schedule" (HN), such as dental implants, is not reimbursed by Social Security. However, some dental mutuals cover dental implants. By subscribing to a good dental mutual, you have better coverage for care.

40% to 60% cheaper than in France, the cost of your dental crowns after reimbursement could be zero with good mutual coverage.

2. How to Obtain Your Dental Reimbursement?

  • Building your dental reimbursement claim file: Upon your return, you must provide Social Security with all the following documents. They are essential for the preparation of your dental care reimbursement claim:
    • An original panoramic dental x-ray before and after treatment;
    • An invoice in French including: the number of treated teeth, the dental acts performed and their amount, and the mention "Amount paid on..." with the dentist's stamp;
    • The S3125 form filled out by patients;
    • Proof of stay (e.g., flight ticket invoice, accommodation invoice).
  • Reimbursement time: Your reimbursement claim is processed by the National Center for Overseas Care (CNSE) located in Vannes. Allow 8 to 12 weeks following the submission of your file.
  • Dental reimbursement by your mutual: Mutuals are obligated to provide coverage when dental reimbursement is approved by Social Security. This reimbursement varies according to the guarantees in your contract. Before starting your dental treatments, our advisors can directly contact your mutual to obtain an estimate of your dental reimbursement.

Many French patients report difficulties in obtaining reimbursements. To facilitate the process, our advisors assist you in your dealings with Social Security.

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