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Who are we ?

Esthetic Planet Plateform
Our Mission and Goals

Esthetic Planet Plateform, Our Mission and Goals

Our mission

Our mission is to allow you access to quality treatments at the best price abroad. We have selected each clinic or practitioner on strict criteria (see our quality charter) in order to be able to meet the demand of French-speaking patients and their various problems. The major role of our agency is to ensure the transparency and accuracy of the services offered in all the countries we offer. Esthetic Planet gives you access to simplified and supervised care abroad from your first request for information to your postoperative follow-up. You benefit from a guarantee of security through the selection and research process that has been carried out for clinics, surgeons and ancillary service providers (hotels, transfers, etc.).

At the service of the customer

We work in the interest and at the service of the patient. Thanks to our field experience acquired over more than 10 years of medical tourism, our professionalism will allow you to avoid pitfalls and unpleasant surprises. Our independence allows us to act freely, gives us perfect control of the services and represents for you an additional guarantee of a successful medical trip. In France, thanks to one of the best health insurance systems in the world, the need to extend one's search for care beyond the borders was until then rare. Today, more and more people choose to travel to combine top-of-the-range care at very competitive and sometimes unaffordable prices in France. By calling on Esthetic Planet, you benefit from free access to information and advice from our experts, a wide choice of selected clinics, a high level of care that favors the quality and guarantee of treatments, very advantageous from 40 to 70% cheaper than in France, additional services (organization of travel, postoperative follow-up, etc.), assistance in your dental care reimbursements. Your health care is important, your medical trip deserves a professional team. Esthetic-Planet meets this requirement.

Our specialized sites

  • Dental care: Europe Dentaire.com
  • Hair transplant: Hairgraft.fr
  • General website: Esthetic-planet.com
  • Clinic portal site: Your-clinic.fr