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Hair Transplant in Istanbul
Sapphire FUE & DHI in the world's N°1 hair transplant destination

Hair Transplant in Istanbul
Sapphire FUE & DHI in the world's N°1 hair transplant destination

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Hair transplant in Istanbul

Istanbul is recognized as the world capital of hair transplantation, and these hair implant offerings in Turkey are part of this tradition of excellence. Designed to address all types of baldness, from the lightest to the most advanced, these procedures can include up to 4000 grafts, allowing for up to 9000 hairs to be obtained, all without linear scarring. The selected teams in Turkey are at the forefront of technology and use the most advanced hair transplant techniques, tailoring the tools to each patient's profile.

The dense packing technique, using custom blades and Sapphire blades, is employed for optimal densification of the frontal hairline. For thickening longer hair, the Choi implanter is often used. Precise adaptation of the tools to each patient's specific needs is key to a successful surgery. A single intervention may suffice for intermediate baldness, while for more extensive baldness, two interventions are generally necessary to achieve optimal results.

How Many Hair Transplants sessions Depending on Your Baldness?

Early-Stage Baldness

small baldness

Early-Stage Baldness:

  • Norwood 2 to 3
  • 1 session of 1500 to 3000 FUE or DHI grafts
  • Supportive medical treatments
  • Management of the donor area

Early-stage baldness is defined by hair loss at the frontal line and thinning of hair at the back (the "vertex"). In medicine, the Norwood scale is used to quantify and measure baldness. Early hair loss is generally placed at level 2 to 3.

It is possible to perform hair transplants on early-stage baldness if the donor area is of good quality and well managed. Depending on the patient's age and family history, a prediction can be made about future hair loss progression. This allows for anticipation. It is often recommended to combine hair transplant surgery with medical treatments.

These treatments have now evolved significantly, and the side effects are less significant. We advise patients to contact our medical teams for more information.

For early-stage baldness, it is common that 1500 to 3000 FUE hair grafts are sufficient to recreate a new frontal line and erase hair loss. The height of the frontal line can vary and be designed during consultation.

Best Technique for a Dense Transplant?

It is difficult to identify a “best” hair transplant technique, as the success of the procedure primarily depends on the practitioner's expertise and the quality of hair in the donor area. However, despite what many sites may claim to justify a higher price, the DHI technique has certain disadvantages compared to techniques using blades (custom blade and sapphire).

Indeed, the incision made by the DHI stylus is generally wider than that made with blades. The width of the blades influences the density of implantation on the skin. It is important to note that this concerns the density of implantation, not regrowth, which depends on other factors.

For creating dense frontal lines, custom blades and sapphire blades prove to be the most effective techniques. They allow for achieving a density greater than 50 grafts/cm2, when necessary and appropriate for the patient.

FUE Hair Transplant Density in ISTANBUL FUE Hair Transplant Density in ISTANBUL

Norwood Scale Hair Transplant

Norwood scale

The Norwood Scale: Understanding and Anticipating the Progression of Baldness

The Norwood Scale is an essential tool for assessing the degree of baldness in men. This classification allows for accurately determining the current stage of hair loss and anticipating its future progression. Composed of several levels, it describes the advancement of baldness, ranging from slight thinning to more significant hair loss.

By identifying the stage according to the Norwood scale, hair transplant specialists can offer personalized and appropriate solutions. Whether it's for an early intervention or for treating more advanced baldness, understanding where you stand on this scale is the first step towards effective care.

Thus, the Norwood Scale is not just a diagnostic tool; it is also a valuable guide for planning the best treatment strategies, whether it involves hair transplants, medical treatments, or lifestyle changes to slow down the progression of baldness.

Intermediate Baldness

intermediate baldness


  • Norwood 3 to 4
  • One session of 3500 to 4000 FUE grafts
  • Supportive medical treatments
  • Management of the donor area

Treatment of Intermediate Baldness

Intermediate baldness, located between stages 3 and 4 of the Norwood scale, is characterized by a notable hair loss that significantly alters the appearance of the patient's face and skull.

In most cases, a single grafting session, with a maximum of 3500 to 4000 grafts depending on the donor area, is sufficient to effectively treat this type of baldness. This single intervention not only restores the bald areas but also anticipates potential future hair loss. However, it is crucial to manage the donor area carefully, to leave surgical solutions that might be necessary after a few years.

If the affected area is extensive or if the baldness continues to evolve, a second densification intervention may be necessary.

The results of the hair transplant in these cases are often impressive, offering a radical and very satisfactory change for the patient.

Significant Baldness

significant baldness

Significant Baldness

  • Norwood 5 and 6
  • 1 FUE or DHI session, followed by a second session 1 year later.

Treatment of Significant Baldness

Significant baldness are those classified beyond stage 5 according to the Norwood scale. These cases present an implantation surface that can vary from 170 to 220 cm².

This type of baldness requires 2 interventions to cover everything, let's understand why:

Let's do a bit of math to understand the treatment. The calculation of density is simple: divide the maximum number of possible grafts, 3500 to 4000 (to preserve the donor area), by the surface to cover.

For example, for 3500 grafts spread over a surface of 180 cm², we obtain a density of 19.5 grafts per cm².

3500 grafts / 180 cm2 = 19.5 grafts / cm2

With a density less than 20 grafts per cm², the result may appear sparse. This information is crucial to set realistic expectations and plan the treatment adequately.

First intervention of 4000 Grafts on significant baldness in FUE in ISTANBUL First intervention of 4000 Grafts placed on the frontal area on significant baldness in FUE in ISTANBUL

For a good result, a density of 40 to 45 grafts/cm2 on the frontal part and around 25 to 30 grafts/cm2 on the back is required. This gives an average density of about 35 grafts/cm2.

So, it's just a matter of reversing the calculation: 180 cm2 X density of 35 = 6300 grafts

Therefore, to fully cover significant baldness, a patient needs an average of 6300 grafts

This is why the needs to fully cover significant baldness are often greater than what is reasonable to extract from the donor area in one go.

For this reason, two interventions are generally proposed. The first intervention consists of the maximum possible grafts, which is about 3500 to 4000 FUE or DHI hair grafts.

A second intervention may be considered a year later to complete the coverage. Performed by competent practitioners, the results of hair implants on significant baldness are incredible. The greater the change, the more impressive the result.

The availability of hair implants in Turkey, as well as its increasing media coverage, contributes to its popularization. Today, many patients, witnessing the visible results in their surroundings, decide to take the step and opt not to remain bald.

DHI Hair Transplant Without Shaving

dhi offer


  • For a transplant without shaving the recipient area, DHI is the solution
  • The Choi Implanter implants the grafts in a single step among the long hair
  • Only the donor area needs to be trimmed

Choi Pen DHI Choi Pen for DHI

For patients who do not want shaving in the recipient area, opt for DHI with the Choi implanter.

FUE in DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) is promoted as a new technology. This is partially false as Dr. Choi's implanter is a 1991 invention. However, its use in FUE is relatively new, as this variant of FUE has been practiced for over a decade.

The interest in the technique lies solely in the Choi implanter. This is the only difference between classic FUE and DHI. The extraction steps are the same between FUE and DHI.

The Choi implanter is very practical when you want to implant among long hair. The step of incision and inserting the graft into the skin is done in a single gesture instead of 2. The operators are less hindered by the surrounding hair.

From a surgical standpoint, this allows not to cut the hair on the recipient area. For diffuse hair loss and for patients wanting to densify without cutting hair on top, it's very practical!

With DHI, only the donor area is shaved to 0. The hair on the top of the head does not need to be cut With DHI, only the donor area is shaved to 0. The hair on the top of the head does not need to be cut

We offer several complete DHI hair transplant packages in Istanbul.

It's important to clarify that DHI hair implants or FUE hair implants do not differ in results. The technique does not make a difference as the results depend on the team performing the procedure.

DHI transplantation is generally more expensive than FUE as DHI requires slightly more staff to load the implanters with a graft. Specific training is also necessary. These factors explain the slightly higher price.


Dr Ergin Er - FUE & DHI team

Team specialized in FUE sapphire and DHI hair transplantation, supervised by Dr. Ergin Er in Istanbul. This team only operates on a maximum of 2 patients per day and wants to operate while respecting the donor area so as not to leave distinctive marks in the patient's donor area. 

Photos Dr Ergin Er - FUE & DHI team

Equipe Dr Ergin Er Istanbul
Equipe Dr Ergin Er Istanbul

Results - FUE Sapphire - Dr Ergin Er - FUE & DHI team

FUE Hair transplant By Esthetic Planet Team
Before and after case 1
After FUE CASE 2

Result Video(s) - Dr Ergin Er - FUE & DHI team


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Hope Hair Health

Yonca Karakaya & Burak Yondem are proud to present their expertise in hair transplantation. They have accumulated 8 years of experience performing hair transplants under his direction. Their proficiency extends to various techniques including FUE for women, Caucasians, and even Afro hair. the team practices the BHT of torso and Beard as well.

Photos Hope Hair Health

Hope hair Health
Hope Hair Health Team

Results - AFRO FUE - Hope Hair Health

hope hair health - hair transplant results 19

Result Video(s) - Hope Hair Health


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Grand Clinic

We strive to ensure that people get what they want by providing high quality hair transplant, cosmetic and plastic surgery, medical aesthetics, dental aesthetics and bariatric surgery services and accessible to everyone in the world.

Our experienced specialists offer personalized and innovative treatments to meet your needs.

Photos Grand Clinic



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Elit international

Welcome to Elit International Clinic, your premier destination for advanced hair transplant, dental treatments, and cosmetic surgery in Istanbul. Since our inception in early 2021, we have established ourselves as a leading provider of high-quality medical services.

Photos Elit international

Elit International Istanbul
Elit International Istanbul


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Academic Esthetics

Academic Hospital is staffed by scientists who have broken new ground in their field, with a total of more than 100 faculty members, including more than 70 professors, in many prime and sub-branches. In addition to its wide academic staff, our hospital provides quality and reliable health services with its specialist physicians, who have proven their success in various branches, and with nearly 300 personnel.

Photos Academic Esthetics

Academic Esthetics Istanbul22
Academic Esthetics Istanbul21


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Le principe d’extraction directe de la FUE, Isolation de la greffe, puis extraction
Le principe d’extraction directe de la FUE, Isolation de la greffe, puis extraction
sapphire blade Une spear lame SAPPHIRE
Les custom blades sont découpées à la taille des greffes Les custom blades sont découpées à la taille des greffes

Tout d’abord, la greffe de cheveux FUE est connue pour être moins invasive que la FUT. Son principal atout est la méthode d’extraction des follicules, qui ne laissera aucune cicatrice linéaire.

Pour offrir une greffe moderne, notre forfait greffe de cheveux à Istanbul adapte et applique les techniques actuelles en fonction de chaque patient.

La greffe capillaire répond à plusieurs situations différentes. Il faut donc adapter à chaque cas.

La méthode Refined utilise des micro-incisions, grâce aux "custom blades" et aux Lames « Sapphire ».

Elles permettent les incisions plates les plus fines et les plus rapprochées de la greffe moderne ( les micro-slits). Le placement des follicules pileux est ainsi plus précis. Ça permet d’apporter une forte densité et un résultat copiant le naturel.

Pour l'extraction, nous utiliserons un punch en titane biocompatible de 0,7 mm à 0,9 mm. les micro-punchs en titane (médical grade 4) isolent les greffes dans la zone donneuse. Les traces sont si petites qu’elles laisseront des micro-cicatrices quasi-indétectables à l’œil nu. vous pourrez porter vos cheveux très courts, quasiment sans traces visibles de l’intervention.

Pour la DHI, l’implanter Choï est adapté pour réaliser l’incision et l’insertion de la greffe dans le même mouvement. La DHI permet d’implanter dans une chevelure clairsemée sans avoir à couper les cheveux.

C'est idéal pour les hommes avec des cheveux longs et bien sûr pour les femmes souhaitant densifier. La DHI nécessite que la tonte de la nuque et les côtés.

Attention néanmoins à ne pas confondre. La DHI en Turquie ou en Europe n’a pas d’autre intérêt que garder les cheveux longs. On trouve beaucoup d’informations mensongères à propos de cette technique sur internet. Elle n’apporte ni densité supplémentaire, ni convalescence accélérée.

ATTENTION : Quelle que soit la méthode de transplantation capillaire, il y aura toujours des micro-cicatrices, même pour la FUE. Une greffe "invisible" n'existe pas, soyez vigilant en tant que patient entre la réalité et le marketing.

Nos équipes à Paris sont disponibles pour vous expliquer la technique en détail. Nous souhaitons transmettre à nos clients une parfaite compréhension de l'intervention d'implant capillaire FUE : Follicular Unit Extraction et DHI : Direct Hair Implantation.