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Transform Your Smile with Our Exclusive Offers

Make your smile dazzling with our exclusive "Smile", "Super Smile", and "Perfect Smile" offers, specially designed to give you the famous Hollywood Smile turnkey solution. Depending on your aspirations and the extent of change you desire, our packages are tailor-made to transform your smile.

Smile Package

Ideal for those who already sport a nice smile but desire more brilliance and harmony, this package includes 8 Emax veneers for the upper jaw complemented by a professional whitening of the lower teeth, ensuring a balanced and radiant result.

Smile Quote

Super Smile Package

Doubling the offer with 16 veneers, 8 for each jaw, this package is the quintessence of transformation, offering impeccable alignment and spectacular whiteness. Designed for those who want an unreserved radiant smile, it covers teeth from the right first premolar to the left first premolar, top and bottom.

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Perfect Smile Package

Our most comprehensive offer, providing 20 veneers, 10 on top and 10 on the bottom, for a smile that captures the essence of perfection. This package encompasses all teeth except the molars and is ideal for the most generous smiles.

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Each package benefits from special discounts, reflecting the significant volume of veneers included, as well as all the necessary logistics on-site. Imagine: just a flight away from the smile of your dreams!

Shade Guide

As for the shades, leave your worries aside: choose from 18 different shades for a result that is not only white but above all natural. Transform your smile and reveal the best version of yourself!


Dental Care

included care
  • Emax by Ivoclar© veneers or crowns
  • From EU Lichtenstein and Austria
  • Non prep veneers possible (if suitable)
  • Anti-bruxism mouth guard
  • X-rays and deep cleaning
  • Temporary veneers

Your Travel

  • Our Hollywood Smile Packs require 1 trip
  • We book your hotel nights
  • We organize your VIP transfers
  • Airport transfers
  • Clinic appointment transfers


  • Crowns and veneers guaranteed for 3 years
  • Prosthesis / dentures guaranteed for 2 years
  • Alpha Bio / Nobel Implants Lifetime Guarantee
  • In case of warranty return: €200 for the plane & €150 for the hotel (Izmir)
  • Customer service in Europe

Our complete packs use exclusively Emax from Ivoclar, our Gold Partners produce around ten new smiles every week. You will have the choice of the hotel and the time to choose the shade of your dreams from the 18 shades of white available at the clinics. Dedicated coordinator on site will assist you and accompany you during the treatments to ensure that you fully understand all the indications given by the dentist.

You can book your services and treatment directly on our online plateforme. We've thought of everything to make you smile!

Our dental clinics in Turkey are exactly like the pictures, and as a European company, we guarantee it.

These clinics have a medical team of experienced dentists. The experts specialize in all areas of modern dental care: implantology, aesthetic care (crowns, veneers, etc.) and dental rehabilitation.

It uses state-of-the-art dental technologies to offer you quality care and meets the same requirements of French clinics as well as European ISO standards.


Leading Dental Tourism Clinic in Turkey, Dentaglobal is the historical partner of Esthetic Planet with more than 6 years of cooperation and experience with international clients. At the origin of the excellent reputation of Turkish dentists, Dentaglobal continues to offer state-of-the-art care and innovative solutions such as their unique guarantee system to insure international patients against possible dental hazards. DENTAGLOBAL is GOLD PARTNER Esthetic Planet since 2018.

Photos Dentaglobal

Dentaglobal in Izmir
Dentaglobal in Izmir

Results - Emax Veneers - Dentaglobal

Veneers by Dentaglobal
Facettes dentaires
Veneers by Dentaglobal
Facettes dentaires
Crowns by Dentaglobal
Facettes dentaires
Veneers by Dentaglobal
Facettes dentaires
Veneers by Dentaglobal
Facettes dentaires
Veneers by Dentaglobal
Facettes dentaires

Result Video(s) - Dentaglobal


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At Dent Glow, our goal is to create a friendly and professional atmosphere for our patients. We are dedicated to adopting the latest advances in dental technology to ensure the best possible care.

Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities. We believe in open communication, taking the time to listen and address your concerns, in order to build a trusting and lasting relationship.

Our dental team, including our in-house laboratory, is at your service. The exclusive advantage of our own laboratory is that it allows us to provide you with the smile you desire, with unmatched quality.

Photos Dentglow

Dentglow Izmir dental clinic15
Clinique Dentglow

Results - Zirconium crowns - Dentglow

Couronnes Zircones
Couronnes Zircones
Couronnes Zircones
Couronnes Zircones


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ZenSmileTown is a space where you can feel relaxed and cared for. It is a city of total dental care, vitality, energy and well-being.

Located in Antalya, Turkey, ZenSmileTown offers a unique, comfortable and stress-free dental care experience in its spacious, peaceful and tranquil aesthetic facility. In a modern and relaxing atmosphere of over 14,000 m², our patients feel comfortable and relaxed with our comprehensive dental tourism services while enjoying their dental treatment.

Photos ZenSmileTown

ZenSmileTown Dental Clinic in Antalya5
ZenSmileTown Dental Clinic in Antalya1

Results - Laminated veneers - ZenSmileTown

Facettes Pelliculaires
Facettes Pelliculaires
Facettes Pelliculaires


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What is a Emax veneer ?

Emax veneers are thin, high quality ceramic veneers made from a lithium disilicate material. This material offers exceptional resistance and aesthetics, allowing the creation of very realistic and durable dental veneers.

Characteristics of Emax veneers:

  • High quality thin ceramic coating
  • Made from lithium disilicate
  • Resistant and aesthetic
  • Creates a natural and harmonious look
  • Require minimal tooth preparation

In addition, the Emax ceramic layers are extremely thin

In modern dentistry, E.Max is considered the ultimate generation of dental ceramics, for the fabrication of veneers and crowns. The veneer that will be placed on you will be made from ceramic only,  and will be homogeneous. The hue you see will be exactly the same hue you will have when smiling. This type of veneer does not have any metallic structure, the internal structure of this veneer is exactly the same color as the visible exterior.

Veneers Procedure

Steps for laying Emax veneers:

Initial consultation with the dentist to assess your specific case and discuss your expectations.
Preparation of the teeth by removing a thin layer of enamel to allow the laying of the veneers.
Taking dental impressions for the fabrication of custom-made emax veneers.
Try-on and adjustment of veneers to ensure a perfect fit and optimal aesthetics.
Definitive fixation of the emax veneers on the teeth using a special resin.
This process takes place in a few days.

Duration of the dental veneers procedure

The installation of emax veneers can be carried out in two to 3 sessions spread over 4 to 10 days depending on the clinic and depending on the complexity of your case. Each session generally lasts between one and two hours, depending on the number of veneers to be applied.