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GHair Transplant in Turkey

Hair transplantation concerns all techniques allowing, in both men and women, to restore aesthetic density to the hair or to cover bald areas with the patient's own hair. It is an autologous and controlled procedure.

FUE hair transplantation concerns the follicular extraction procedure by direct removal. The advantage of this procedure is the absence of a linear scar and therefore of immediately visible traces of the intervention. FUE is possible for both men and women, but is mainly used for men wishing to keep their hair free (possibility of wearing very short hair).

Beard transplantation, by FUE removal and BHT (Body Hair Transplantation) implantation, consists of removing follicular units from the hair and then transplanting them to the beard. This transplant operation gives lifelong and perfectly satisfactory results in a single operation in most cases.

What transplant techniques for my hair?

FUE – Without linear scar

FUE Hair Transplant

The FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique has revolutionized the world of hair surgery by eliminating the main drawback of previous hair transplant techniques: the linear scar. With the FUE, the extraction of the hair bulbs no longer requires leaving a scar which remains a stigma of the intervention (even if the scar of a FUT is thin). This is the so-called "Scarless" technique. This technique uses punches (cylindrical blades) to isolate the bulb directly in the patient's scalp, and thus extract the follicles that produce the hair. The size of these punches (0.7 to 0.9 mm in diameter) is so small that the skin closes in a few hours and almost no visible traces remain on the skin.

BHT – Beard Transplant

FUT Hair Transplant

Beard transplantation combines FUE and BHT (Body Hair Transplantation). The procedure consists of removing the follicular units from the hair and then transplanting them to the beard. The speed at which a hair regrows is close to that of a beard hair. Beard transplantation makes it possible to correct various defects, and of course in the first place to correct a beardless face. Beard transplantation is also used to fill insufficient density, scars, holes in the hair or redraw the shape of the beard.

The FUT – Without mowing

FUT Hair Transplant

FUT consists of isolating the patient's follicular units under a microscope from a thin strip previously taken. The grafts are then reimplanted one by one on the bald or balding areas of the skull. In FUT, the grafts are surgically extracted from the strip taken from the back of the patient's scalp. In order to avoid any trauma to the follicular units, the donor strip is removed in one piece. While the follicular units are extracted from the strip, the edges of the sample are then sutured with a trichophytic suture, which leaves the scar undetectable in 80% of cases. A hair of 1 cm is generally possible after a FUT. It is less certain that it is possible to wear shorter hair on the other hand.

DHI – Scarless Hair Transplant and Minimum Clipping

DHI Hair Transplant

The term DHI refers to a variant of the FUE which mainly differentiates the implantation stage. The entire extraction phase is the same as in FUE. That is to say that there is no difference in scars at the level of the donor area. For the implantation, the DHI will use a special tool that will perform the incision and the placement of the graft at the same time. Although one might think that carrying out the two steps of incisions and placement in the same movement could save time, this is not the case, because the step of loading the implantation stylet (Choï implanter) requires additional time equivalent to the time saved by the convergence of the incision and placement steps. The Choï implanter is an implantation stylet rather reserved for straight hair, which was invented in 1991 by Dr. Choï (South Korea). The advantage of the Choï implanter is to limit manipulation of the graft to minimize its trauma. The DHI is available among the Esthetic Planet offers.

PRP & hair transplant

DHI Hair Transplant

PRP (platelet-enriched plasma) is the new innovation in hair surgery. After being tested for several years, the result of using PRP in the different stages of hair transplantation is now evident. This use improves the quality of the hair transplant in healing, postoperatively and reduces the surgical trauma of the grafts. PRP is a natural substance that is obtained from the patient's blood. A simple blood test is enough to perform the PRP for hair surgery. PRP is obtained by centrifuging the blood in order to concentrate all the platelets naturally contained in the plasma. Plasma and platelets are two separate elements. This plasma with a high concentration of platelets has been used in hematology, orthopedics, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery for many years.

Ekol Hastanesi

Our cosmetic surgery offers in Turkey in Izmir are very competitive and performed in the largest hospital complex in the city. The multidisciplinary hospital brings together all the medical specialties and allows a multidisciplinary approach. The dedicated international patient service offers multilingual support and a fleet of vehicles to ensure all transfers in conditions of comfort and safety for patients.

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Egepol hastanesi

Welcome to Egepol Hospital, located in the stunning coastal city of Izmir, Turkey. Egepol Hospital is a gem of aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery, providing top-notch care in a modern and welcoming environment.

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FUE hair transplant

Sending photos allows us to determine the level of baldness and the needs of each patient. Using the photos provided, the surgeons can offer an estimate of the number of grafts and the approximate cost of the intervention. You can then choose the solution that suits your project with the help of our specialists.

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You can choose your date and the surgeon of your choice directly on our online store.

Organize a stay for a transplant operation

FUT Hair Transplant

Once your surgery date has been set, Esthetic Planet takes care of organizing your stay abroad: booking accommodation, on-site transfers, French-speaking interpreter. Upon arrival at the destination (regardless of the schedule), a driver will receive you and take care of you upon your arrival to take you to the hotel. All your trips are taken care of. The return is the day after the intervention in the early afternoon (1:30 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.) after the control visit, the driver ensures your return to the airport.


back to social life

The return to social life is very quick. The patient can return to work a few days after the procedure, as the patient's abilities and fitness are not impacted by the procedure. A resumption of an intellectual activity is possible 48 hours after the intervention, the resumption of a sporting activity, on the other hand, is a little longer, of the order of 15 days. Redness and scabs are present in the donor area and the implanted area for 15 days. The redness fades very quickly and the return to full activity is possible after about three weeks.


back to social life

Thanks to remote monitoring with photos and RV video, the doctor abroad can monitor the evolution of the consequences and the result and modify the instructions (massage, healing cream, medication, etc.) if necessary.