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Our meticulously selected doctors combine technical competence with adherence to our vision of medicine. The specialization and continuous innovation of our services attest to our commitment to excellence.

Strong points
  • Recognized Expertise
  • Ethics and Deontology
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Zaghouan Hospital

Zaghouan Clinic: Excellence at your service

Recognized Expertise

Our meticulously selected doctors combine technical competence with adherence to our vision of medicine. The specialization and continuous innovation of our services attest to our commitment to excellence.

Ethics and Deontology

Driven by the patient's best interest, our professionals rigorously respect the codes of ethics. We build a trusting relationship based on honest and transparent communication.


Our experts tailor their approach to your needs and physique, emphasizing discreet and as non-invasive as possible interventions, resulting in natural and elegant outcomes.

Exceptional Team

Thanks to the renown of our plastic surgeons and the expertise of our paramedical staff, we guarantee a holistic and tailored care.

International Reputation

For years, the Zaghouan Clinic has welcomed patients from the Maghreb and Europe, drawn by the balance between competitive rates, quality of care, and human support.

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Dr Héla Bouraoui Elabed

Dr Héla Bouraoui Elabed

Dr. Hela Bouraoui, specialized in both burn surgery and hand surgery, is widely recognized for her expertise in plastic surgery throughout Tunisia.

Practicing with distinction in numerous hospitals and clinics, her medical skills combined with her human approach place her as a leader in her field.

With an impressive history of successful aesthetic and reparative surgeries, she remains constantly attentive to her patients. Always prioritizing their health, Dr. Bouraoui, with her mastery of advanced techniques, enhances the natural beauty of each individual.

Medical Studies

  • At the Faculty of Medicine in Sousse
  • National Doctorate Degree in Medicine, obtained with Jury Congratulations and Thesis Prize Proposal. May 2014
  • Passed the National Residency Exam
  • Passed the National Final Speciality Exam and obtained the title of Specialist Doctor in Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery.
  • Registered with the National Order of Doctors in Tunisia since May 2014 under the number 20418.
  • Practicing in a private practice in Sousse, Tunisia, since 2018
  • Covered by professional liability insurance.

Member of:

  • Tunisian Society of Aesthetic Surgery (STCE)
  • Tunisian Society of Hand Surgery (STCM)
  • Tunisian Society of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (STCPRE)
  • Tunisian Society of Aesthetic Medicine (TAMAS)

Participation in international congresses

  • SOFCPRE Congress: PARIS 2016, 2017, 2018
  • SOFCEP Congress: PARIS 2017
  • GEM Congress: PARIS 2016
  • Young Plastic Surgeons' Days: PARIS March 2016
  • IMCAS Congress PARIS 2022
  • TAMAS Congress 2022

Dr Mahmoud Maalej

Dr Mahmoud Maalej

Specialist in Maxillofacial Surgery, Stomatology, and Aesthetic Surgery

Former hospital doctor in Tunisia and France, Dr. Mahmoud Maalej practices as an aesthetic surgeon in Hammamet and Tunis, Tunisia.

A graduate of the University of Grenoble, he has been working in the department of maxillofacial and aesthetic surgery since 2008. Dr. Maalej is the author of several publications in international journals and actively participates in international congresses.

When a patient presents with facial discordance, Dr. Mahmoud Maalej analyzes their face and smile to develop the most suitable surgical plan. Specializing in maxillofacial surgery, especially orthognathic surgery, he restores harmony and beauty to faces with discordance and enhances the natural beauty of patients by elevating aesthetic standards of facial harmony.

Dr. Mahmoud Maalej aims for excellence in the care and services provided, resulting in high-end outcomes in aesthetic surgery and stomatology. With integrity and honesty, he recommends treatment only if he believes it is the best option for the patient's health and well-being.

His facilities are designed to ensure optimal hygiene and sterilization, thus ensuring the comfort of his patients. The professional team is led by Dr. Mahmoud Maalej, a world-renowned surgeon.

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