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Located in the beautiful island of Phuket, Demarest Clinic is recognized for its particular expertise in the field of amniotic fluid stem cells and regenerative medicine. This cutting-edge clinic is dedicated to advancing innovative treatments in regenerative medicine, providing high-quality care in a tranquil and welcoming setting.

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Demarest Clinic

Time and health are our most precious assets. At Demarest Clinic, we can offer you that. We treat aging as the disease it is.

Demarest Clinic was built with the goal of giving people back their time, as time is our most precious asset.

Our expertise in using amniotic fluid stem cells allows us to offer advanced treatments, known for their effectiveness in regenerating and repairing damaged tissues. These treatments open new possibilities for patients suffering from degenerative diseases or injuries.

At Demarest Clinic, we offer much more than stem cell treatments. We provide a full range of regenerative medicine services, using cutting-edge technologies and innovative research to offer personalized care. We are a leader in our field, attracting patients from all over the world eager to benefit from the latest advances in regenerative healthcare.

If you're interested in stem cells, regenerative medicine, anti-aging, or aesthetic science in Thailand, we can help you.

Demarest was founded in May 2021 on the principle that regenerative medicine will improve people's quality of life. We base our success on positive outcomes, not profit. We constantly seek through our global network of scientific researchers (Board) to evolve our protocols as soon as a new effective treatment becomes available.

We are an aggregator of information, whose sole aim is positive outcomes to gain trust and build a brand in this emerging but inevitable paradigm shift as cellular medicine replaces traditional medicine. People will learn to prevent disease and reverse aging rather than treat the symptoms of the disease.

We have put our name on this business because we recognize that managing your health assets is just as important as managing your financial assets. Health and youth are wealth. Trust Demarest to bring you the most recent and effective treatments available anywhere in the world.

Our money-back guarantee on our stem cell-based treatments eliminates the question of whether these protocols will work for you. We use the most powerful cells available. They are also the most expensive, yet our prices are competitive.

Mission Statement

Demarest Clinic was founded to combine the best practices in regenerative medicine through a community of researchers to identify the most cost-effective method of using these procedures and to ensure their effectiveness.

Our Vision

To create a world where aging and age-related diseases are optional. Demarest Clinic offers world-class expertise in regenerative medicine combined with treatments dedicated to athletes who want to stay at the top of their form.

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Dr Rawee

Dr Rawee

Dr. Rawee is available now at Demarest Clinic!

He has an extensive medical background and is current on all of the latest best practices in Regenerative Medicine, Anti-Aging and Aesthetic Sciences. He is a specialist in Cell Therapies, IV Therapies, Stem Cells, NK Cells, Hormone Therapy, Fillers and Botox.

With hands-on experience at Phuket International Hospital, Patong Hospital, Mission Hospital and other Regenerative Medicine, Anti-Aging and Aesthetic Clinics, Dr. Rawee's comprehensive healthcare experience has already made a direct impact on our Medical Team.

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