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DH Dental dentists in Budapest Hungary

DH Dental - Dr Decker & Dr Huszar -
DH Dental - Dr Decker & Dr Huszar -

Dr. Decker and Dr. Huszar are both professors at Semmelweis University in Budapest where they train student dentists. They practice in their own clinic which they founded more than ten years ago. Specialized in large bone grafting, Nobel/Alphabio implants and thanks to an entirely French-speaking team, they treat a large number of French patients.

Strong points
  • Complex bone grafting
  • English speaking dentists
  • Alphabio / Nobel specialist
  • In-house laboratory




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Best Deals - DH Dental - Dr Decker & Dr Huszar -

Implants Alpha Bio

  • Implant Alpha Bio - 500 €
  • Abutment titane Alpha Bio - 150 €
  • Abutment Multi-Unit Alpha-Bio - 300 €
  • Abutment zircone Alpha Bio - 350 €
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Implants Nobel

  • Implant Nobel CC (Conical Connexion) - 700 €
  • Abutment Nobel CC - 250 €
  • Abutment Multi-Unit Nobel CC - 360 €
  • Abutment zircone Nobel Biocare CC - 390 €
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Total jaw reconstruction

  • 4 Alpha Bio / Osstem Implants - 2000 €
  • 4 Abutment Multi-Unit Alpha-Bio / Osstem - 1200 €
  • 12 teeth fixed prothesis on implants - 2600 €
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DH Dental - Dr Decker & Dr Huszar -



Dental Care

Located in the heart of Buda, the excellence, professionalism and friendliness of this team have enabled our Dental Clinic in Hungary to build a solid reputation over the years.

Dental implant, bone graft, stomatology Run by two stomatologists who share their medical practice between their private patients and teaching at the Semmelweis University in Budapest, the dental clinic has received many French celebrities. Today the clinic is renowned for its specialization in complex bone grafts. Since 2003, she has been taking care of patients from all over Europe, and especially from France. You will be taken care of by the French-speaking team of Dr. Decker. Our team of dentists provide all types of dental care, from simple dental treatment to complete reconstruction of your teeth on dental implants. Experts in implantology and bone grafting, the clinic masters the most advanced dental surgery techniques. The facilities are recent, modern and have their own dental prosthesis laboratory. You will feel reassured throughout your treatment by this warm and demanding team about the best quality of care they want to offer their patients. This clinic has treated several French stars, including Gerard Depardieu.

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Dr Ivan Decker

Dr Ivan Decker

Chief Medical Officer of DH Dental Europe, with more than 20 years of professional experience. Specializing in oral surgery, dento-alveolar surgery and dentistry, I have been working in the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at Semmelweis University as an oral surgeon since 2001. I have been practicing in the private sector since 1990.


Dental Clinic DH Dental Europe

Physician specializing in dentistry and oral surgery

DH Dental Europe Clinic

2007 - today

Budapest, Hungary

Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Semmelweis University

2005 - 2014

Budapest, Hungary

Physician specializing in dentistry and oral surgery

Dental-Decker ClinicDental-Decker Clinic

2002 - 2014

Budapest, Hungary

Oral surgeon in the Department of Oral Surgery

Szent-György Hospital in Fejér County

2000 - 2002

Budapest, Hungary


Private practice dentist

1997 - 2000

Budapest, Hungary

Specialized dentist

Budapest 2nd District Municipal Health Service

1991 - 1997

Budapest, Hungary


Dispensaries of Szent János Hospital, Budapest

1990 - 1991

Budapest, Hungary

Facettes dentaires

Implants dentaires

List of operations and prices - DH Dental - Dr Decker & Dr Huszar -


Crowns / Veneers: 5 YEARS
Prostheses / Dentures: 2 YEARS
Implants : 10 year warranty