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Dr. Fares Seffen
Dr. Fares Seffen

In Tunisia, hair implantation is a common procedure. This destination welcomes many French individuals seeking aesthetic and medical treatments. The primary motivations are obviously the affordable prices while maintaining the quality of care provided by Tunisian clinics. We offer hair grafting using the FUE technique performed by Dr. Fares Seffen, a hair implant specialist. He can also treat beard grafts and notably correct failed grafts (repair work).

Strong points
  • 100% Doctor Operation
  • FUE and DHI mix
  • Grafting over 1 or 2 days




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Dr. Fares Seffen

Hair Transplantation in Tunisia

In Tunisia, hair transplantation has become a common practice, attracting many French individuals in search of quality aesthetic and medical treatments. The main draw is the competitive pricing offered by Tunisian clinics without compromising the quality of care. We highlight the FUE grafting technique overseen by Dr. Fares Seffen, an expert in hair transplantation. He also specializes in beard transplantation and corrects previous grafts that didn't yield the desired results.

Dr. Fares Seffen's Team

Dr. Fares Seffen works alongside a multilingual team. This team consists of four dedicated medical assistants, all of whom are graduates and intensively trained in different hair transplantation methods within the clinic. In addition, they undergo continuous training at the annual ISHRS conference.

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Dr Fares Seffen

Dr Fares Seffen

After obtaining the national medical doctorate, Dr. Seffen earned the European diploma in baldness treatment from the University of Lyon in France. In this city, he refined his practice of FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) with renowned physicians in the field. Upon returning to Tunisia, Dr. Seffen opened his own clinic entirely dedicated to baldness surgery and trained a team of 4 full-time medical assistants, ensuring they operate on no more than one patient per day.

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