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Dt Ebru Ersan Clinic
Dt Ebru Ersan Clinic

Where personalized patient care meets cutting-edge technology. As a boutique clinic, we prioritize individualized attention, ensuring that each patient receives dedicated support from consultation to treatment completion. Our transparent communication and fair pricing policy underscore our commitment to patient satisfaction above all else.

Under the expert leadership of Dr. Ebru Erşan, our specialized team focuses on comprehensive dental care, particularly in aesthetic dentistry and implantology. With state-of-the-art equipment and advanced surgical tools, we deliver superior results with precision and confidence.

Strong points
  • boutique style Clinic
  • Customized treatments
  • Implantology and Dental Aesthetics




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Dt Ebru Ersan Clinic

Boutique Clinic Excellence

Distinguished Personalized Patient Care

We pride ourselves on operating as a boutique clinic, distinguishing ourselves from larger facilities by prioritizing personalized patient care. At our clinic, each patient receives individualized attention, with a dedicated doctor overseeing their treatment journey from inception to completion. We place a strong emphasis on transparent communication, ensuring that treatment plans are clearly conveyed to the patient every step of the way. Leveraging our extensive experience and embracing cutting-edge technology, we are committed to delivering the highest standard of care tailored to the unique needs of each individual.

Hence, our patient base is distinct from that of other large clinics, and this contrast is evident in our pricing strategy. We purposefully eschew competition with clinics that operate on a mass-production model, where patients may feel like mere numbers in a system. Instead, we adhere to a fair pricing policy designed to prioritize patient satisfaction above all else. Our pricing structure is meticulously crafted to ensure affordability without compromising on the quality of care, reflecting our unwavering commitment to providing value and satisfaction to discerning patients.

Our Expertise

Our clinic, under the expert management of Dr. Ebru Erşan, specializes in comprehensive dental care, with a particular focus on aesthetic dentistry and implantology. Dr. Erşan herself conducts aesthetic dental treatments and implant surgeries, drawing upon her extensive expertise in these fields. Complementing Dr. Erşan's proficiency, our team comprises a dedicated endodontist, a skilled maxillofacial surgeon, a part-time orthodontist, and a number of highly-trained hygienists. Together, we are committed to delivering exceptional dental care tailored to the unique needs of each patient.

Patient Comfort and Safety

In addition to above; if deemed necessary for patient comfort and safety, we can facilitate sedation administered by a qualified anesthetist for complex surgical procedures or implant treatments. Our priority is to ensure that patients undergoing advanced interventions experience minimal discomfort and anxiety, thereby optimizing their overall treatment experience and promoting successful outcomes.

Innovative Technology

At the Ebru Erşan Clinic, we pride ourselves on harnessing the latest advancements in medical technology to deliver exceptional patient care. Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art imaging systems such as advanced tomography and panoramic x-ray machines, enabling precise diagnostics and comprehensive evaluations. Additionally, we utilize cutting-edge 3Shape digital scanning devices, facilitating accurate and efficient data capture for enhanced treatment planning and execution.

Strategic Location and Comprehensive Services

In addition to our exceptional services, our clinic boasts a strategic location just 10 minutes away from the historic downtown area, easily accessible by metro. This prime location not only ensures convenience for our patients but also provides them with the opportunity to explore nearby tourist attractions during their visit. Moreover, we go above and beyond to enhance the overall patient experience by offering comprehensive package deals, including airport pickup, transportation to and from the clinic, and assistance in securing accommodations tailored to the patient's budget, ensuring a seamless and comfortable stay throughout their treatment journey.

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IMPLANTS: Lifetime Warranty

A lifetime warranty is provided for implant treatments, ensuring long-term durability and functionality. However, it is crucial to note that the warranty becomes invalid under certain circumstances:

  • Misuse by the patient or actions that could compromise the integrity of the implants.
  • Any procedures performed on the implants by other practitioners.
  • Bone loss resulting from natural aging or underlying medical conditions.

ZIRCONIUM CROWNS: 10-Year Warranty

Our zirconium crowns come with a 10-year warranty to ensure their quality and longevity. Nonetheless, the warranty does not apply if:

  • The patient engages in activities that could damage the crowns.
  • Procedures on the crowns are carried out by external dentists.
  • Bone loss due to aging or medical conditions.
  • Consumption of hard foods requiring excessive bite force, such as nuts or hard-shelled objects.

LAMINA & EMAX VENEERS: 5-Year Warranty

We offer a 5-year warranty for our lamina veneers and EMAX crowns, reflecting our commitment to quality and durability. However, the warranty does not cover situations where:

  • The patient's actions result in damage to the veneers or crowns.
  • External procedures are performed on the restorations.
  • Bone loss resulting from aging or medical factors.
  • Consumption of hard and resistant foods that can exert excessive pressure on the veneers or crowns, like nuts or hard-shelled foods.