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Kardiolita Hospital, spanning Vilnius and Kaunas, is a renowned network in Lithuania connecting top-tier medical professionals

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Kardiolita Hospital: Advanced Healthcare in Lithuania

Kardiolita Hospital, spanning Vilnius and Kaunas, is a renowned network in Lithuania connecting top-tier medical professionals. With over 400 doctors across 45+ medical specialties, our network offers a wide array of services, catering to diverse medical needs.

Our facilities range from preventive care to complex surgeries and rehabilitation, leveraging detailed diagnostics through advanced equipment for precise disease identification. We pride ourselves on offering minimally invasive surgeries, aligning with our commitment to patient-centric care. Continuous modernization and state-of-the-art technology, alongside intensive care units, ensure exceptional private medical care.

Services and Values at Kardiolita Hospital

At Kardiolita Hospital, our qualified specialists deliver top-tier counseling and treatment, using modern medical equipment for expedited and detailed tests. We offer comprehensive body examinations, preventive health checks, and specialized care in pregnancy management, surgical treatments, and therapeutic services.

Our hospital is recognized for its expertise in treating international patients, guided by our core values of professionalism, responsibility, and dynamic patient cooperation. We strive to create a healthier future in partnership with our patients.

Why Patients Choose Kardiolita Hospital for Medical Tourism

International patients increasingly choose Lithuania for medical treatments, attracted by the shorter waiting periods and cost-effective services. At Kardiolita Hospital, treatments are efficiently organized within months, ranging from day surgeries to complex inpatient procedures, offering substantial savings compared to other countries.

Our hospital assists patients in navigating insurance and EU directive routes, making high-quality healthcare accessible and affordable for those from abroad.

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Post-operative follow-up: check-up before leaving the country, check-up images 2 weeks, 1 and 3 months later, check-up online if necessary.