Liv Duna Medical Center
Excellence in Medicine in Budapest

Liv Duna Medical Center Excellence in Medicine in Budapest


Liv Duna Medical Center is the most modern medical facility in Budapest . Bringing medical excellence in the center of Europe in many specialities. 

Strong points
  • Cutting-edge facility
  • Conciergerie service




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State-of-the-Art Diagnostic Facilities

Our radiology department features cutting-edge equipment, including low radiation dose X-ray machines, state-of-the-art 3D digital mammography devices capable of tissue sampling, bone density measuring X-ray equipment, and ultrasound machines utilized across various medical specialties. These technologies collectively enhance the precision of diagnoses. Additionally, our services encompass sample collection for essential laboratory examinations and thorough evaluation of the results.

Comprehensive Consultation Services

We offer comprehensive consultation services spanning a wide array of medical disciplines, ranging from andrology to gastroenterology, and from gynecology to urology. With newly equipped clinics housing the latest tools, we provide examination opportunities across 45 specialties.

Advanced Surgical Facilities

At the Duna Medical Center, our newly established hospital features state-of-the-art surgical infrastructure and the most advanced equipment and instrument park in Hungarian healthcare. Our surgeons benefit from specialized high-resolution 3D camera and monitor systems designed for laparoscopic procedures. Supported by highly experienced anesthesiologists and intensive care specialists, we ensure meticulous monitoring of patients' vital functions during surgery. Our team also delivers tailored anesthesia, pain relief, and ventilation using the latest equipment available.

Hospital Infrastructure Capacity

The hospital, constructed in 2020, spans 12 levels and covers a total area of 20,000 square meters, accommodating 7 operating rooms, over 30 outpatient clinics, 130 patient beds, and employing 120 specialists.

Video Consultation

We offer medical second opinions based on patient images and also can arrange video calls if necessary, ensuring comprehensive care for patients seeking guidance.

Translation Services and Local Transportation

Our hospital provides free patient’s native language-Hungarian translation services for patients. Additionally, we have arranged local transportation services between the airport, hotel, and hospital for the convenience of our patients.

Personal Assistance

The Liv Duna Medical Center operates as a comprehensive service hub, offering continuous support to patients from their initial inquiry until they depart for their home country. When international patients opt for treatment in Budapest, they can efficiently arrange their travel and medical schedules through the International Patient Services Department at Liv Duna Medical Center.

Highly Skilled Physicians

We provide a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to your treatment and care throughout your stay, ensuring that a team of highly skilled doctors with international experience will oversee your care. While you may interact with numerous specialists, the primary doctor you initially consulted will serve as your main physician, assuming overall responsibility for your well-being. This doctor, who has authorized your admission, will orchestrate and monitor your treatment regimen.

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