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Reborn Clinic

Reborn Clinic, a highly experienced health group with over 30 years in cell therapies, IVF support Therapies and hair transplantation.

Strong points
  • Innovative supportive treatments for IVF
  • • Menopausal Delay
  • • Ovarian rejuvenation
  • • Testicular rejuvenation




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Reborn Clinic

Reborn Health has been striving to make people's lives healthier all over the world since


We are a highly experienced health group with over 30 years in Cell Therapies, IVF Support

Therapies and Hair Transplantation.

Reborn Clinics Cell Therapies and Fertilization Center are our very specific areas that work

with very high success rates on;

• IVF Supportive Treatments

• Postmenopausal Delay

• Rejuvenation ovarian

• Testicular rejuvenation

We also have a great reputation in hair transplantation and hair loss treatments in and

outside Turkey.

Reborn Clinics Hair Transplantation Center offers high quality hair, beard, mustache,

transplantation eyebrows and eyelashes with an experienced professional team.

We use a very specific treatment which is a combination of Sapphire Blade FUE Technique

and cell therapy

We also offer Unshaved Hair Transplantation (DHI) esp. for female patients (and of course

for men who don't want to shave their hair for a transplant)

We have accepted and served patients from over 65 countries around the world integer.

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