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Trend Dent Turkey & Uckuyular Dental Polyclinic is a well-established polyclinics in Izmir. We reflect the sunny side of the beautiful Izmir in our clinic to our patients. We are a family and we approach our patients like we do to our family. We believe that happiness comes with a great smile and laughter. We work to give our patients their lovely smile back!

Strong points
  • Natural Smile,
  • Honesty and sincerity,
  • Qualified team




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Trend Dent Turkey & Uckuyular Dental Polyclinic

Founded in 2010 in Izmir, Turkey, we have been providing all types of dental diagnosis and treatments in the same clinic since then. We're one of the well-established polyclinics in Izmir, committed to the well-being of our patients. Our clinic's priority is to offer personalized treatments based on individual needs. We value sincerity and honesty and consider our staff and patients as one big family.


Conveniently located, our clinic is 15 minutes away from the airport and 10 minutes from the city center. It's also within walking distance to the seaside and surrounded by 4 shopping malls. Transportation options are abundant, including metro, buses, boats, and taxis, all reasonably priced.

Clinic Facilities and Staff

Our center houses 4 clinics that operate throughout the week except for Sundays. We have a team of 3 full-time dentists, 1 orthodontist, and 1 maxillofacial surgeon, supported by 5 experienced dental assistants. We also have an International Patients Relations Specialist and interpreters for different languages. Our in-house laboratory ensures the highest quality of dental prosthetics.

Our Specialists

  • Dentist Emrah Balcik specializes in Hollywood Smile, e-max laminate veneers, and implant surgeries.
  • Dentist Basak Cesur Irmak is an expert in pediatric dental care and also excels in root canal treatment and smile design.
  • Dentist Sedat Cakir focuses on complex dental issues including infected teeth and wisdom tooth extractions.
  • Orthodontist Aycan Yalcin Cengiz is an active Invisalign Clear Aligner provider and a member of various dental associations.
  • Doctor Ayhan Tetik is an Oral, Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery Specialist, proficient in a wide range of oral surgeries.

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Warranty Conditions

We provide a 7-year warranty to our patients. During this period, if the crowns or veneers get damaged, break, fall, or chip, we invite our patients back to the clinic for a replacement at no extra charge for the procedure.

Patient Responsibilities

Patients returning to the clinic under warranty only need to cover their own airfare and accommodation expenses. We will take care of booking the hotel for them.