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Medical Tourism Insurance with Axa

Medical Tourism Insurance with Axa

Medical travels present increased risks compared to typical business or leisure trips. Standard travel insurances usually do not fully cover trips for medical reasons, creating a gap in protection. To address this, Esthetic Planet, in collaboration with AXA, offers specialized medical travel insurance specifically designed for medical tourists.

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Developed in partnership with AXA Partners, this insurance product is designed to meet the unique needs of medical travels. It not only covers the usual travel issues but also provides comprehensive protection for various medical contingencies.

Beyond the usual concerns such as luggage loss or flight delays, the coverage extends to aspects directly related to planned medical treatments.

This includes unforeseen circumstances such as the need for an extended stay, reimbursement of deposits paid in case of procedure cancellation, and coverage of logistical costs for possible treatment revisions within the year following the initial procedure.

At the affordable price of 12.50 euros per day of your medical travel, this insurance offers remarkable value for peace of mind before and during your stay abroad.

AXA Insurance understands the importance of your well-being during a medical journey and aims to provide the security and coverage you deserve.

If you have any questions or would like to further explore this insurance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your safety and comfort during your medical travel experience are our top priorities.

Reason 1 – Comprehensive Coverage

Medical Tourism Insurance combines travel and health coverage, thus providing a comprehensive solution for complex medical travels. It can be described as "vacation insurance with medical conditions".

The coverage encompasses travel-related aspects such as baggage damage, flight delays, as well as health-related incidents such as emergency medical care, dental coverage, and accidental medical treatments. Moreover, it includes coverage for serious complications and repatriation, serving as a safety net for those undergoing major procedures.

Example: A growing trend among Europeans is to take out medical travel insurance for their stays in Turkey, known for its top clinics, especially as a leader in hair transplant procedures. This insurance helps mitigate health-related concerns, preventing complications often reported in the media after procedures abroad.

Reason 2 – Protection against Trip Cancellation

Medical travel insurance serves as protection against trip cancellation, a crucial consideration. Unforeseen circumstances such as illness, family emergencies, or weather conditions can disrupt travel plans. Medical travel insurance provides coverage for trip cancellation for medical reasons, thus avoiding financial losses. Some policies may even include reimbursement of deposits paid to the clinic in case of trip cancellation, as clinics often require upfront deposits from international patients. Furthermore, specific insurance policies for medical travel can cover risks such as extended stays. Patients may need to modify return flights or extend hotel stays due to unexpected health issues after treatment. Insurance covering extended hotel stays, flight cancellation, and booking new flights addresses this unpredictability, providing comprehensive protection.

Reason 3 – Assistance Abroad

Traveling to a foreign country, especially for medical purposes, presents unique challenges, such as navigating unfamiliar healthcare systems and overcoming language barriers. Medical travel insurance provides valuable assistance abroad, facilitating the organization of medical transportation, connecting with healthcare providers, and providing translation services.

Health insurance for vacations and treatments abroad generally includes a 24-hour assistance hotline, providing constant support to medical tourism clients who may be more exposed to emergencies. It is important to note that health insurance products for travel and treatments are international, applicable to medical tourism in Turkey, the Maghreb, Eastern European countries, or other destinations. The language used for policies, contacts, and assistance hotlines is universal, available in English, German, French, or other commonly spoken languages.

Reason 4 – Peace of Mind with Overseas Medical Insurance

While traveling abroad is exciting, health concerns can add stress to the experience. Overseas medical insurance provides peace of mind by protecting against unforeseen medical emergencies, travel-related issues, and aspects related to planned treatments. With travel insurance for medical procedures abroad, travelers can focus on enjoying their trip without worrying about unexpected expenses or other travel-related problems.

An additional benefit of medical travel insurance with medical coverage is the ability to add companions to the policy. For example, a woman traveling from the UK to Turkey for liposuction with her husband can obtain a single policy. In this scenario, the woman is covered for the trip, medical issues, and unexpected expenses related to the planned treatment. The husband enjoys the same coverage, excluding certain aspects related to his wife's planned treatment. This consolidated approach ensures coverage for additional expenses if, for example, the woman needs to extend her stay after surgery.

Reason 5 – Economical

Medical travel insurance proves to be economical, especially considering the potentially high costs associated with unforeseen medical treatments abroad. Without such insurance, travelers can face significant expenses. Medical travel insurance provides coverage at a fraction of the cost of international medical treatments, relieving travelers from the financial burden. Regarding planned medical treatments, where lost deposits, extended hotel stays, or flight reservations can strain the budget, medical and health travel insurance offers essential financial protection.

While private international medical insurance for foreign travel may seem more expensive than standard travel insurance, it offers broader coverage for medical tourists. AXA insurance, covering various mentioned aspects, is offered at a reasonable price of 12.50 EUR per day, making it an economical choice for medical tourists.

For example, coverage for:

- Hair transplant in Turkey would cost 25.00 €

- Liposuction in the Czech Republic 50.00 €

- Sleeve gastrectomy in Istanbul 75.00 €

- Dental implants in any country 37.50 €

(Estimated price based on the number of days - final quote provided by AXA.) 

In conclusion, holiday medical insurance is essential for those seeking medical treatment abroad. It not only covers medical emergencies and provides overseas assistance but also protects against trip cancellation, offers peace of mind, and is cost-effective. Insurance developed in collaboration with AXA Partners stands out as a popular and affordable choice in the European market.

Make sure of your coverage, check the terms and conditions, and embark on your medical journey abroad with the peace of mind offered by comprehensive and economical protection.

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