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As we announced at the beginning of the year, we are fortunate to participate in M6's Capital program. We had the opportunity to showcase our expertise and values during filming. As it's a documentary and a journalistic piece, we discovered the report like everyone else on the day of its airing. We were delighted with the feature, and the journalist did not hesitate to show the reality of our work in researching and meeting specialists worldwide. We were pleased with the challenging questions we received, as it was an opportunity to dispel misconceptions about medical tourism.
The July 5th show gathered several million people in front of their screens. Our websites set a new visitor record, previously achieved with the broadcast of another report on France 2's 8 PM news. We reached a peak of over 15,000 simultaneous visits to the Esthetic Planet website during the report's broadcast.

Butt lipofilling (BBL)

Many of you have reached out to us, especially to sign up for our newsletter from our pages on medical tourism in Thailand – which was the main subject of our feature on the show. Although the Covid situation limited our movements for 2020, particularly for Thailand, we are confident about the forthcoming reopening of our partner countries and the resumption of medical travel. Our partners in Thailand have used this opportunity to improve the conditions for welcoming our future clients who wish to benefit from quality care in the Land of Smiles. 

Innovative Treatments in Thailand

Today, Thailand is fully reopened, and the possibilities for care are significant. 

Amniotic fluid stem cells, in particular, are available in Thailand and open up treatment opportunities for a wide range of conditions. 

Contact us to explore treatment possibilities in the Land of Smiles.