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Medical tourism, Step by step guide

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Our teams advise and assist you at every stage. Your consultant is by your side from obtaining your quote to organizing your trip (searching for flights, booking your accommodation, scheduling your medical appointments, airport-hotel-clinic transfers) all the way to your post-treatment follow-up in France.

STEP 1 - Online Consultation

If you wish to get information about a procedure and its cost, a quote request form is available on the site. You can also come and meet us in Paris, free of charge and without any commitment on your part.

STEP 2 - Quote

A personalized quote will be sent to you based on the surgeon and the destination. An information sheet is included, outlining the objectives of the surgery, the modalities, the postoperative course, and all practical aspects concerning the treatment.

STEP 3 - Reflection Period

During the reflection period, we remain at your complete disposal for any additional information. Direct contact with the surgeon is possible (via email, webcam, or phone). For dental care and certain surgeries, you should plan ahead by contacting your local health insurance office for setting up your reimbursement file.

STEP 4 - Date Reservation

To reserve a surgery date, payment of an operating room booking deposit is mandatory before departure. All medical and stay expenses will be settled on-site.

STEP 5 - Preoperative Assessment

A preoperative file, which includes a medical questionnaire and medical tests, must be taken into account before your departure.

STEP 6 - Airport Arrival

We provide free transfers between the airport, the clinic, and the hotel throughout your stay.

STEP 7 - Preoperative Consultation

The preoperative consultation takes place the day after your arrival or on the same day depending on the flights. This will allow the surgeon to review the objectives and modalities of the surgery with you. It will conclude with the handing over of the mutual informed consent document, confirmation of the quote, and payment for the care.

STEP 8 - Surgery

The surgical procedure takes place the day after your arrival in the country.

STEP 9 - Postoperative Follow-up

In the days following the surgery, immediate medical follow-up requires respecting a mandatory convalescence period in the country. Some of it takes place at the clinic where the patient remains under observation after the surgery. The rest of the stay takes place at the hotel. A close medical check-up will be done at the end of the stay to ensure you can return home safely.

STEP 10 - Return

We provide your transfer to the airport. Once back home, we coordinate your postoperative follow-up with our medical teams. We remain at your service and in constant contact with you. Full recovery depends on many factors including the type of surgery, the area operated on, and each patient's recovery ability. We would appreciate it if you could share a testimonial about your experience later on.