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Prepare for a Procedure Abroad
The Advantages of Esthetic Planet

Prepare for a Procedure Abroad with Esthetic Planet

Do you have expensive dental treatments to undergo?
Are you looking for a solution for your baldness?
Do you want to enhance your appearance, look younger?
Are you facing difficulty in conceiving a child?
Do you want to permanently get rid of your glasses?

Optimizing Your Medical Procedure Experience


We provide a myriad of medical services and treatments worldwide, accessible both online and through personal consultations at our Paris office. From budget-friendly options to five-star all-inclusive packages, we cater to your specific medical journey needs.

Quality of Medical Services

Quality Assurance?

Our rigorous selection process ensures that we collaborate with the leading medical partners in their fields. We offer a deep understanding of each destination, their unique medical services, and cultural nuances, making us your trusted on-ground partner.

Safety Concerns?

Your safety is our priority. Our vetted clinics are renowned for delivering top-notch care. Our global network of healthcare professionals ensures streamlined and secure treatment abroad.

  • English speaking medical teams
  • Highly skilled and experienced practitioners
  • ISO-certified medical facilities
  • Cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art equipment
  • Care guarantees
  • Traceable, CE-standard materials


Lower costs don’t mean compromised quality. Our overseas treatments are cost-effective due to the lower operating expenses in the destination countries. Many locations offer savings of 50% or more compared to private healthcare costs in France.

Our Support

Our team advises and assists you at every step. Your dedicated consultant will help you from quote acquisition, trip planning (including flight searches, accommodation booking, and medical consultations), to post-treatment follow-up back in France.

At Esthetic Planet, we strive to make your medical journey as seamless and beneficial as possible. From the planning stage to your post-treatment care, our dedicated team ensures that you receive the best services tailored to your needs. We take pride in our partnerships with reputable healthcare providers and aim for nothing less than your complete satisfaction. Your health and well-being are our utmost priorities.

Thank you for choosing Esthetic Planet for your healthcare needs.