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Guidebook for Dental care abroad

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Dental Care Abroad: How To

In the context of dental tourism, the initial treatment plan is carried out remotely on the basis of x-rays and photos. In 98% of cases, the estimated treatment plan is very close to the final treatment plan which will be finalized after the physical consultation on site.

1 - Remote dental record

example photo dental careA dental panoramic allows you to make a dental estimate

Fill in the form, and gather the necessary photos / x-rays. You access our dental marketplace immediately and select several practitioners in your destination of choice. You can compare prices and services. You send your dental file to dentists abroad.

Start your case

2 - Receive treatment plans

 receive dental care

In the As part of dental tourism, the initial treatment plan is carried out remotely on the basis of x-rays and photos. In 98% of cases, the estimated treatment plan is very close to the final treatment plan which will be finalized after the physical consultation on site.

3 - Reserve care

 book your treatments

You can book your treatment date directly on our booking platform and thus secure your dental treatment appointment abroad. According to the offers, Esthetic planet can offer you turnkey dental stays in Turkey, Hungary, Tunisia, and in many destinations.

4 - Your dental care


On site you still have to carry out the treatments which are often planned over several days. Especially when you need to make crowns or other prostheses made to measure in the laboratory. After a few days, smile…. you have benefited from modern dental care at a low price.

5 - After Care tracking

after dental care abroad

At your back, the team stays in touch with you by email/whatsapp For 12 months. We send an automatic reminder every 2 months to check that everything is fine.

You have:

  • Assistance and maintenance tips
  • Telephone and email follow-up

Find your Dental Implants, Crowns and Veneers in Turkey, Hungary, Tunisia, Morocco, Dubai, Thailand


Our site lists a growing number of dental clinics in more than 10 countries and in particular in Turkey, Hungary, Romania, Tunisia, Morocco, Thailand, UAE…

We provide you with audited and selected dental clinics to guarantee quality of care and services thanks to our “Gold Partner” label which allows you to choose a clinic at the abroad with the certainty of the quality of care and services on site.

 dental care in hungary

Care guarantees

 dental care in hungary

All dental care abroad that we offer has clear, written guarantees. You will find recognized and proven implant brands such as Nobel Biocare, Alpha Bio, ICX, Zimmer or Biomet 3I. 10-year implant warranties are often extended to a lifetime warranty by clinics. Zirconia or Emax dental crowns are manufactured in the laboratories of partner clinics in record time to allow you to complete important dental prosthetic care in the space of a short trip.

The complete dental tourism offer offered by Esthetic Planet will reassure you and convince you that dental care of the best quality can also be affordable and fast.


 dental care in hungary

We organize the establishment of your treatment plan, we will explain the different treatments offered and can supervise your stay when you have made your decision. From accommodation to postoperative follow-up, we will be by your side.

Customer service in France

To give you precise information on your treatment plan and on the terms of reimbursement from Social Security and Mutual Insurance, our Paris-based customer service is available from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday to Friday. Set a Calendly appointment
Your postoperative follow-up is done via support in France. We also assist you in the procedures for requesting reimbursement from social security and mutual insurance companies.

We find the best price!

Find the best price for your dental care

Benefit from negotiated prices thanks to special Esthetic Planet offers that we negotiate with clinics. Our offers are cheaper in 90% of cases than during direct requests thanks to our negotiated group prices!

Our dental care offers in Turkey and Hungary

dental implant

The best brands of dental implants from 390 €:

Alpha Bioalpha bio logo
Nobel BiocareNobel biocare logo
BegoBego logo
Staumannstrauman logo
dental veneer

Our Hollywood Smile packs - Dental veneers

  • e.max logo
  • Pack 8 teeth (top teeth)
  • 16-tooth packs (top and bottom)
  • Medical package offered
  • Serenity Guarantee offered
  • Transfers and accommodation offered
Our dental veneers packages in Türkiye
dental crowns
From 120 €

Dental crowns

  • Emax logo e.max
  • Zirconia
  • Ceramo-metallic
  • Health and mutual insurance reimbursement in Hungary
  • Short lead time
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Comparative table of average dental care prices

Dental care Prices in Turkey* Prices in Hungary* Price in Western Europe*
The layout
Dental implant €400 €500 €900-2,500
Bone graft €250 €500 €1,200-2,200
Prosthetic care
Metal ceramic crown €120 €200 €600
Zirconia crown €150 €300 €900
Emax pressed ceramic crown €220 €300 €950
Aesthetic care
Emax pressed ceramic veneer €210 €300 €700
Zirconia veneer €210 €350 €1,000
Facet Lumineers* €350 €700 €1,300
Laminate Veneer Veneer €185 - -
Professional teeth whitening €200 €300 €800

By having dental treatment in Hungary and Turkey, you can save between 30 to 60% compared to the cost of treatment in France.

*The prices in this table are average prices and are not a contractual price basis - Fill out our form to get a firm dental price estimate< /p>

All dental prices by destination



In Hungary or in any member country of the European community, you benefit from a reimbursement in the same way as treatment carried out within the EEC. For Example in France Each year, the National health insurance reimburses around 850,000 euros out of the 3 million euros spent on dental treatment in Budapest Hungary. To which is added the reimbursement of complementary private insurance. 

In Hungary, a free dental crown is possible with a mid-range private health insurance:

Example of French insurance refund for Dental crown in Hungary: 
Prices in Hungary CPAM part Private health insurance Share * Total refunded Still to pay
Porcelain-metal crown €210 €75.25 €134.75 €210 €0

(*) Check with your health insurance fund to find out the amount of their reimbursement. This reimbursement corresponds to 200% of the French national health insurance part.