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Hungary is recognized as a popular dentistry destination for Europe. However, recent Hungarian authorities claim that its popularity extends beyond European borders, and dentistry far surpasses other specialties, with 80% of medical tourists going to Hungary in search of dental care.

Hungary often claims, though never with concrete numbers to back it up, that about 50% of all foreign dental patients from Europe are directed to Hungary.

While low-cost flights direct many to clinics in Budapest, many dental patients actually come from Austria and Germany, particularly from the border regions.

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Hungary is cheaper !

However, treatment in Hungary is cheaper than in other Western European countries. The average price levels and income levels are much lower than those in other EU countries. Therefore, the cost of private healthcare services is also lower. Dental care provided to foreigners is not subject to VAT.
Clinics specializing in dental tourism in Hungary can get significant discounts of up to 40% on materials from large companies such as Nobel, Alpha Bio, Straumann, Zimmer, Camlog...
Thanks to these specifics, Hungary maintains an excellent quality-price ratio. Beating Western Europe, even against the prices of local implant manufacturers (like in France for example, which has a large number of dental implant manufacturers).
In practice, oral surgeons in large Budapest clinics claim to place between 40 to 60 implants per week, and several dentists spread across multiple chairs perform this work in one day.

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Many dental travelers go to Hungary for aesthetic dental care. Generally for veneers or the Hollywood Smile—beautiful, white smiles like Hollywood stars. Clients leave within a week with a new, bright, and permanently white smile for a fraction of the price of the same treatments in France, England, or the Baltic countries.
Other patients (the majority) come to Hungary for functional reasons. They have poor dental health and want to replace missing teeth, regain normal chewing function, and of course, smile without hiding.
They generally look for dental replacements with implants, crowns, bridges, or the popular All-on-4 or All-on-6 solutions. The latter means that in the case of a completely edentulous jaw, the dentist places 4 or 6 implants in a jaw, and a full denture or bridge is placed on top. The All-on-4 restores about 80 to 85% of the chewing power and stability of natural teeth for a totally edentulous person. The statistics are even better with the All-on-6 and All-on-8 solutions.

Dental Tourism in Europe: Hungary Versus the Rising Competition from Turkey

Historically, Hungary has always been at the forefront of dental tourism in Europe, particularly due to its proximity to Austria and Germany. For years, Austrians and Germans have been crossing the border to receive high-quality dental care at more affordable rates. This trend has solidified Hungary's reputation as the number one country for dentistry in Europe.

However, today, while Hungary still holds its leading position in Europe, it is increasingly overshadowed by Turkey. This country, thanks to its excellent medical tourism climate, is experiencing rapid growth in the sector. Turkey has particularly stood out in the area of crowns and veneers, where it offers some of the best rates in the world.

What's even more interesting is that Turkey is beginning to attract a much broader audience. While once clients primarily came from Europe, there is now an influx of patients from the United States, Africa, and even some from Australia. Turkey’s well-established medical reputation and competitive dental treatment costs are now drawing a diverse international clientele.

In summary, although Hungary remains a leader in the field of dentistry in Europe, it now faces serious competition from Turkey. The dental tourism landscape is changing, but one thing is certain: the options for quality and affordable dental care have never been more numerous for patients worldwide.

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