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Genioplasty - Chin Surgery
Techniques, Definition, Postoperative Care

Genioplasty - Chin Surgery

Genioplasty is for anyone who is concerned about the appearance of their chin: receding or protruding chin... This procedure is rarely performed in isolation. It is often integrated, as part of a profileplasty, with a rhinoplasty or facelift.

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    Definition and Objectives

    The term Genioplasty refers to chin surgery. It helps restore facial balance by advancing a receding chin or reducing a protruding chin.

  • Indications and Objectives of Genioplasty

    To augment an insufficient or recessed chin, the surgeon will introduce a chin implant either through a local incision inside the mouth: between the gum and the lower lip or through a small incision in the skin below the chin. To reduce a protruding or overly projecting chin, known as "galoche," the surgeon will section or plane the bone through an incision in the mouth, allowing them to advance, reduce, or refine the jaw.

  • Procedure Duration / Clinic Stay

    The procedure will last between 30 minutes and 1 hour and will be performed on an outpatient basis, meaning no clinic stay is required. When performed as part of a profileplasty, the hospitalization is for 24 hours.

  • Postoperative Care

    Postoperative care is primarily marked by the appearance of swelling and bruises, the extent and duration of which vary greatly from person to person. Numbness and tension in the chin, and sometimes the lower lip, after the procedure are entirely normal. It is best to wait for a week before removing the dressing. There are no stitches to be removed in the case of an incision inside the mouth. If there is a skin incision under the chin, the stitches will be removed at the same time as the dressing. Returning to work can be considered after 8 days.