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Removal of Bichat's pads

Bichectomy, Removal of Bichat's pads

Affinement du visage avec la réduction des boules Bichat. Cette intervention agit sur les joues trop proéminentes. 

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    What is Buccal Fat Removal?

    Buccal fat removal is an aesthetic procedure designed to slim the cheeks by removing the Bichat's fat pads, which are fatty deposits located under the cheekbones. This procedure offers a more sculpted face and can significantly improve the harmony of features.

    Benefits of Buccal Fat Removal

    In addition to providing a refined facial contour, buccal fat removal can also contribute to better facial symmetry and a younger appearance. It is often combined with other procedures like rhinoplasty for an overall aesthetic result.

  • Goals of the Procedure

    The main goal of buccal fat removal is to reduce the volume of the cheeks, thus creating a more oval or V-shaped face, which is particularly sought after in the beauty world.

  • Expected Results

    The results of buccal fat removal are generally permanent and can be immediately visible after the reduction of swelling. The face gradually becomes slimmer to reveal its new silhouette.

    Associated Risks

    As with any surgical procedure, buccal fat removal carries risks such as infection, asymmetry, or changes in sensation in the treated area. However, these risks are minimized by choosing a qualified surgeon.

  • Recovery

    The recovery period after buccal fat removal is generally short. Patients can expect to return to daily life after a few days, with precautions such as avoiding intense physical exertion for one to two weeks.