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Hair Transplant abroad Shaveless hair transplant

FUT Hair Transplant abroad Shaveless hair transplant

The FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) hair transplant is a follicular technique that restores hair in cases of severe baldness. More and more people are choosing to go abroad to get high quality FUT hair transplants at affordable rates.

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    FUT hair Transplant : Definition

    FUT Hair Transplant is a surgical procedure that involves removing a strip of skin containing hair follicles from the back of the head and then transplanting them into bald or thinning areas. This allows for natural hair regrowth and lasting restoration of hair density.

    Surgery procedure

    The FUT hair transplant procedure usually takes place in several stages:

    1. Local anesthesia of the donor and recipient area
    2. Removal of a strip of skin containing the hair follicles
    3. Cutting and preparation of the grafts under microscopes
    4. Careful implantation of the grafts in the areas to be treated
    5. Post-operative check-up and hair care tips

    Advantages of the FUT procedure

    The grafts used during the FUT hair transplant are composed of healthy hair follicles taken from the donor area and then isolated under microscopes. This gives a significant advantage because the problem of insulation related to FUE is eliminated. This makes it possible, for example, to transplant frizzy hair without any particular problem. Whereas in FUE, frizzy hair is much more problematic.

    Microscopes are a big advantage of FUT

    Thanks to the microscope, the grafts have less risk of transection. Because the cutting is not blind unlike La FUE. 100% of the grafts present on the strip of skin are used. If certain basic rules are applied, and the survival rate of grafts in FUT is excellent, whatever the type of hair transplanted./p>

    The Greatest FUT Surgeons

    Aesthetic Planet collaborates with internationally renowned hair surgeons who have proven expertise in FUT hair transplantation. The FUT hair transplant is a procedure that will necessarily require the surgeon to operate himself, for at least part of the intervention. Unlike FUE, the FUT procedure must always be performed by surgeons.

  • Indication

    FUT hair transplant is recommended in the following cases:

    • Significant male pattern baldness
    • Patient wishing to keep hair longer than 1cm.
    • Large Bald Areas
    • Hair loss due to scarring in the donor area
  • Possibilities of Anesthesia

    During a FUT hair transplant, different anesthesia options are available to ensure your comfort. Your surgeon will discuss the different methods with you and recommend the best one for your situation.

  • Duration of the Intervention

    The FUT hair transplant can take several hours, depending on the number of grafts to be transplanted. The exact duration will be determined during your prior consultation with the surgeon.

  • Lifetime of hair Implants

    Hair implants made during a FUT transplant are permanent. The transplanted hair follicles are resistant to hair loss and will continue to grow naturally. You will be able to enjoy dense and natural hair in the long term.

    Result of a FUT hair transplant

    The results of a hair transplant are essentially due to the know-how of the surgeons and the implantation procedure.

    Aesthetic Planet collaborates with internationally renowned hair surgeons who have proven expertise in FUT hair transplantation. Their know-how and experience guarantee exceptional results and maximum patient satisfaction.

    Success Statistics

    FUT hair transplants have a high success rate, with natural and long-lasting results. Success statistics vary depending on different factors, such as the quality of the surgeon, the desired hair density and post-operative care.

  • Recovery

    After a FUT hair transplant, a recovery period is necessary to allow for optimal healing and hair regrowth. You will need to follow your surgeon's post-operative recommendations and avoid strenuous activity for a few days to a few weeks.

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